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Backup Installation



With the ever-growing size of today's PC and Laptop internal hard drives, it has become more and more important to put a backup strategy in place for your important files. There is nothing worse than having a catastrophic hard drive failure with no backup in place and all your information that you spent time to input could be forever lost. 

The picture above represents the type of external drives I use the most with my customers. These drives work with both desktop PCs and Laptops. The capacity of these external drives range from 250, 320, 500 and 750 Gigabytes on up to 1 Terabyte and beyond. Depending on the capacity of your hard drive, your information can be backed up and protected from loss.

The prices for these drives are very affordable and I can help you pick the right size external hard drive that you can purchase for your PC or Laptop. There is no charge for my helping you select the right backup drive for your PC. I just charge for the installation and configuration of the backup drive.

Backup Installation

The fee for this service is $40.00 per hour with a maximum of $80.00. I will install the drive and configure the software as well as custom configure the automatic backups based on your needs. This fee includes the first backup.









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