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All of us have home pages that we go to when we start-up Internet Explorer or Firefox for the first time of the day. Sometimes we find that this home page was high-jacked by malicious software that re-directs the browser to a totally different page. Nine times out of ten, the page you are being directed to is what caused your browser to be high-jacked in the first place.

Although this problem can be truly aggravating, there is a quick fix that I can do for you if I see that it is not due to a virus. 

Browser Repair

The fee for this service is $20.00 and is worth it’s weight in gold to conquer this frustrating problem.


In most cases, a high-jacked browser can also mean that a virus has taken control of your PC. This will require a complete virus removal.  I can evaluate the problem and advise you what will need to be done to fix it. 

See the “Virus Removal” tab for the service description and fees.








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