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Data Migration


Have you just purchased a new PC or Laptop? I can help you with copying your files, pictures, movies, music, e-mail accounts and whatever else you have created and stored on your old PC and move it to your new PC.

I travel with high-capacity external hard drives that I use to make copying so much easier to do. I also delete the copy of your files from my external drive when I am done moving your files.

If you have already purchased your own external backup drive and want to use it instead of mine, that is more than ok. When I am done with moving your data I will set up an automatic backup schedule for all your files on the new PC. You would then have a point-in-time copy of your old PC as well as having a backup plan in place for your new PC. See 'Backup Installation' section for more information.

I can also perform this Data Migration by connecting the two PCs together while the migration is being done. I would just need both PCs powered up during this procedure.

Data Migration

The fee for this service is $40.00 per hour, with a maximum of $120.00 for data migration from one PC to another.












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