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Data and File Recovery


This will not help you
recover your data and files

This is every PC Owner's worst nightmare; Losing accidently deleted data and files and having no backup. Your first reaction is to go into panic mode because your have lost everything.

All is lost. Right? Wrong! Your files are still there!

It does not matter even if you have emptied your recycle bin or reformatted your hard drive or restored your system to put your PC to the same state it was when it was first purchased. I can recover your files.

I come supplied with many programs in my toolkit that will first analyze your disk drive, identify which files can be recovered and then save them once again to an external disk. Recovery includes all picture file types, audio and data. Once all recoverable files have been stored externally, I then copy them back over to your system

I can also recover data and files from PCs that are completely dead. As long as the hard drive is intact, I can work with it. Even if the PC does not power on. I will come to your home with a complete assortment of drive interfaces that allow me to connect directly to your disk drive, power it up and recover data from it.

The fee for this service is
$40.00 per hour, with a maximum of $160.00 to recover data from a hard drive. It can generally take up to four hours or more to complete this recovery.

My tools can also recover deleted files on all digital camera cards and Flash Drives

The fee for this service is $40.00 per hour, with a maximum of $80.00 to recover data from a digital camera memory card and Flash Drives. It can generally take up to two hours to complete this recovery.


Update to this service.

I now include a new service to recover data from external hard drives that have crashed or have lost their partition table. This happens sometimes when an external hard drive is disconnected from a running system without using the safe removal option when disconnecting  spinning drives.

Depending on the size of the hard drive, this recovery can sometimes take over fifteen (15) hours to perform and is an enormously tedious process.

Because of the recovery duration as well as recovering the folder and file structure, this service price is set at $160.00 maximum.

Due to the time it takes to recover these types of drives I have to bring the drive back to my lab here.

I will recover your files and burn them to either a CD or DVD and then bring the drive and disk copies back to you. Then and only then will I reformat the external hard drive so that you can use it again.

Second update to this service.

There have been a few times that although I have been able to recover files that have been deleted, sometimes there have been picture files, .gif, .jpg and .tiff that have been recovered but were in a corrupted state. I can now perform recovery procedures on these type of files to reconstruct them. I have no idea what to charge for this service until I see how many files I have to work on. This service will have to be quote dependant.


Summary of Data Recovery Services

Hard Drive Data Recovery


Per Hour

$200.00 Maximum Charge

External Hard Drive Data Recovery


Per Hour

$160.00 Maximum Charge

Digital Camera Memory Card Data recovery


Per Hour

$80.00 Maximum Charge

Flash Drive Data Recovery $40.00 Per Hour $80.00 Maximum Charge
Recovering lost files and data....................... Priceless!


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