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Summary of all miscellaneous service offerings and fees. Just pick what you need.

                 Software Services
  $30.00 Create Emergency System restore CD/DVD. I supply the blank CD/DVD and cases.
$100.00 Clone existing hard drive to new hard drive.

This procedure is generally used when a system disk, i.e. the boot disk is in danger of failing completely. The system drive is cloned to an exact (or larger) replacement hard drive. This new drive then becomes the boot or system drive.

Customer must provide the new drive.

$160.00 Complete restore of Operating System, Applications and data, i.e.
a complete reload of the PC.
Customer must provide the Operating System Disk and all Application Disks for reload.

Includes copying of all data files to an external disk prior to reload.

This procedure is done as a last resort and could take hours to complete.
  $40.00 Increase the size of a partition.
Assuming space is available on the hard drive to do this.

This is generally needed on older PCs that the factory set
to a small size C: Drive and a large size D: drive.
  $20.00 Set-up e-mail accounts, as many as you want.
  30.00 Software installation - Customer supplies the application. As many as you want.
  $20.00 System Restore from restore point.
$100.00 System Restore to factory image.
Assuming factory created restore partition.
Includes copying of all data files to external disk prior to restore.

                Hardware Upgrade Services - These are not Hardware Repair Services

  Installation and Configuration of:
  $20.00 Digital Camera Software
  $40.00 External Backup Drive. See Backup Installation page.
  $40.00 Internal DVD or CD Readers and/or Burners. Fee per each type of device.
  $20.00 External dial-up modem. Not many use these anymore.
  $30.00 Internal DVD or CD Burners. - ***
  $30.00 Internal dial-up modem. - ***
$30.00 Internal Multi SD Card Readers. - ***
  $30.00 Internal Multi-Port USB Cards. - ***
  $30.00 Printer, either Parallel or USB.
  $20.00 Scanner.
  $60.00 Second Hard Drive. Includes format and partitioning.
  $30.00 Sound Card. - ***
  $30.00 USB 2.0 Upgrade PCI Cards. - ***
  $20.00 USB Wireless Network Adapter.
  $30.00 Video Card. - ***
  $20.00 Webcam, including installation of Skype.
  $10.00 Wireless Keyboards and Mice.
  $30.00 Wireless Network Card.
  $20.00 Thoroughly clean the inside of a PC, including fans and air vent grills.

I do NOT use compressed air or vacuums for this cleaning.

For laptops I clean from the outside only. I do not open up the laptop.

  Notes: In looking at the above list of services, I am working under the assumption
that you already have these hardware parts at home. If not, I can help you
select the correct parts.

*** Service is not available for laptops.

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