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Network Installation



As you can see in the picture, networks come in all shapes, sizes and types. No matter what type of network you have or need, I can install the correct hardware and software as well as configure it. If you find that you need to purchase networking equipment, I can help you make the choices best for your system.

Most networks take about an hour to get up and running. Some of the more complicated ones, such as those that attach Print Servers to your printers thus making them wireless, can take longer.

Wireless routers range from $49.99 up to $129.99 depending on your network needs. I can help you chose the right size router for your network.

Network Installation

The fee for this service is $75.00 and includes installation of the network communication device (modem or router) and testing of one (1) PC or laptop on the network regardless the length of time it takes to complete the installation. The fee for additional PCs, Laptops or Wireless Enabled Printers is $20.00 each.

Wireless Printer installation for older/wired printers

Some of my customers that have asked me to install wireless networks in their home also have large (and expensive) laser printers or older parallel printers they want to keep using. I can attach a device called a Print Server to make the printer work on a wireless network. Print Servers can be rather expensive. The Parallel Print Server costs $70.58 on Amazon and the USB Print Server costs $130.99 also on Amazon.

The fee for this service is $30.00 for each printer, either Parallel or USB. The customer supplies the print server.

Conversion of older Parallel Printers to run off USB Ports.

Some of my customers that have bought newer PCs are chagrined when they find out the new system does not come with parallel ports anymore. Not to worry, I can attach a parallel to USB conversion cable that will fix this.

The fee for this service is $10.00 for each printer. The customer supplies parallel to USB Conversion Cable.

Summary of all Network Installation Service Offerings and Fees. Just pick what you need.
$75.00 Installation of one (1) network communication device, configuration and test of one (1) PC or Laptop.
$20.00 Each additional PC, Laptop or Wireless Enabled Printers for network configuration.
$30.00 Conversion/Installation of one (1) wireless parallel or wireless USB printer.
  Customer supplies the wireless print server device. ***
$30.00 Installation and configuration of wireless cards in desktop PCs.
  Customer supplies the wireless network card. ***
$20.00 Installation and configuration of USB Wireless Network Adapter. For older laptops without built-in wireless.
  Customer supplies the wireless USB Adapter. ***
$25.00 Enabling file and print sharing amongst multiple PCs and Laptops.
$10.00 Conversion of Parallel connected printer to USB connected printer wired to a PC.
  Customer supplies the parallel to USB cable. ***
$20.00 Installation and test of one (1) wireless range expander.
$30.00 Setup of one(1) PC as a wired Print Server for multiple printers.
  Customer supplies all necessary external hardware and cables. ***
Notes: *** In looking at the above list of services, both wired and wireless, some of them require the purchase of additional hardware units and cables. I am more than willing to come to your home, analyze what you need in the way of parts and either order them online and have them shipped or visit a local 'Big Box' store and purchase them for you. I will add the cost of the parts to the service being provided.

This will delay the installation of these parts until they come in, but it makes it easier on my customers.

  I do not charge for this part ordering service because I am always ordering gear from Amazon or other online vendors. And I am in one of the Big Box stores so often that they know me by name.

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