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New PC Set-Up / Installation



Congratulations! You just bought a new PC! Now what? Oh yeah, you have to set it up. That's where I can help.
I will come to your home, open up all the boxes, set up the PC, wire it all together, get it onto the network. And make it work. I will also configure it to run on whatever Internet Service Provider (ISP) that you have. And if you need e-mail accounts set, I will do that as well. I can also create Emergency System Restore CDs if you want. And finally, if you need a backup solution which I strongly recommend, that can be set up when I am there.
$30.00 Per Hour Set-up of PC - $60.00 Maximum
  Configure PC for Internet Access
  Set-up e-mail accounts, as many as you need.

Additional PC Setup Service Offerings and Fees. Just pick what you need.

$30.00 Create Emergency System restore CDs. I supply the blank CDs and cases
$40.00 Install backup solution. See 'Backup Installation' for more information
Yes, I know, a PC comes in just one box with a monitor in another box and maybe a third box containing a printer. But after spending an hour creating the graphic at the top of this page, I just had to use it.





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