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Remote Repair


This is new service that I now provide, which is remote repair of PCs. I can now login and connect to your PC from my lab here and provide close to the same level of service just as if I was at your home.

I can diagnose and correct problems on your PC. This saves a lot of travel time to and from locations. This also allows me to work on home PCs way outside my normal service area without charging for travel time.

I use a program which connects my PC to your PC through the internet. You will be able to watch me diagnose and repair your system in real time. We can stay in contact over the phone while I am working.

You will have to download a software program and run it on your PC. I will send you a link to where this program can be downloaded from. Once this program is up and running, I can then connect to you. Your desktop background will turn to black and a box will show up in lower right hand corner of your screen that will have my name in it so that you know it is me that is connected to your system.

Remote services are generally limited to Virus and Malware removal, Browser Repair, E-mail set-ups, PC-Tune-up, Printing Problems, Product Key Retrieval, Software Installation and Troubleshooting.

I also customize Windows 8 PCs and Laptops to look like they are running Windows 7.

Although services such as Network Installation and Backup Installation are generally done onsite, I have performed these two services remotely. The customer handles the hardware hook-ups and I provide the configuration for these two services.

Services such as Backup Installation, Data Migration, Data Recovery, Network Installation, Password Reset and PC Upgrading have to be done at your location with me there. These services, in most cases, require hands on.

Whatever repairs I need to make, I charge accordingly. I will let you know what repairs I have to do and what the final cost will be.

The fee for this Remote Service is $10.00. This fee offsets the price I paid for the remote connection software.

All other service fees are in addition to this remote service fee.


After I am done and the remote program on your machine is shutdown, my connection to your PC is stopped. I can no longer connect to your PC until you run the program again and give me permission to connect again. We have to be talking again on the phone in order to do this. This is one of the security features of the remote access program.


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