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PC Tune-up
We have all run into this from time to time. "HELP!!! My PC is running slower and slower. It takes forever to get anything done!!!"

The majority of the time the cause is unwanted files on our system. "Junk" collects over time and slows the system down to a crawl.

Uninstalling programs can leave remnants behind that need to be cleaned out.

Even the automatic updates leave un-needed files behind.

You would be amazed at just how much 'BloatWare' comes with new systems these days. Half the pre-loaded programs that take a valuable space on your hard drive are never even used.

Programs that automatically start when the PC is booted can also cause significant wait time. It you don't use them, why start them?

Errors in the System Registry can cause the system to run slow as well. The Registry is a configuration database in Windows that contains settings for all the hardware, operating system and application software in your PC. Problems in here can cause all sorts of problems on the PC.

I will come to your home with a complete software toolkit that will clean and tune-up your system allowing it to run cleaner and faster.

PC Tune-Up  

The fee for this service is $40.00.


And of course Spyware and Viruses can also slow your system to a crawl. I have a separate service offering for those issues as well. See the section: 'Virus Removal.'

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