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Your current PCs and laptops can be upgraded by adding more memory and a larger disk drive. 

Memory and disk drives have become more affordable which makes them a cost effective solution to upgrade your PC instead of having to buy a new one.

I use the web site: 4AllMemory.com to select the proper memory cards based on your PC's memory requirements and the maximum amount of memory it can hold.

I can help you select the correct memory for your PC. You would purchase the memory and when it comes in I will install it for you.

For disk drive upgrades, I will help you select the correct drive. I generally use Amazon.com for drive purchases. We can do that together. You would purchase the disk drive and when it comes in I will install it for you. This service covers all PATA, SATA and SSD hard drives


I also can install new video cards, network cards, sound cards, second hard drives, Multi-Port USB cards etc. You would purchase these and I will install them. See '
Miscellaneous Services' for more information.

This service is available for both desktop PCs and laptops.

PC Upgrading Service Pricing Summary


  Memory card installation


  Disk Drive Installation. Includes the drive installation and copying the data


  Second Disk Drive Installation. Includes formatting and partitioning
Note: Is you are upgrading the system drive, i.e. the boot drive, I always try cloning the drive first. In other words, make an exact replica of the original drive. This saves a lot of time instead of reloading a system.




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