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"Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas any more." - Dorothy Gale

This is a list of all the types of Malware/Viruses that can infect PCs and Laptops

  Adware Grayware Rootkit Virus  
  Backdoor Trojan High-Jacked Browsers Ransomware  
  Bootsector virus Logic Bombs/Time Bombs Resident Virus  
  Crimeware Macro Virus Rogue Security Software  
  Cryptotrojan Malware Scareware  
  Cryptoworm Malvertising Scumware  
  Cryptovirus Memory Resident Virus Spambot  
  Companion Virus Metamorphic Virus Spyware  
  Direct Action Virus Multipartite virus Stealware  
  Directory Virus Network Virus Stealth virus  
  Email Virus Overwrite Virus Trojan.FakeAlert  
  FAT Virus Polymorphic virus Trojan Horses  
  File Infectors Program virus Trojan Downloaders  
  Foistware PUP - Potentially Unwanted Program Worms  
  Fraudware PUM - Potentially Unwanted Modification    
                           And a new one that is being seen more and is very problematic, PUPs:
                           Potentially Unwanted Programs. When these beasties get on a system,
                           they cause an amazing amount of mayhem.

There are now over 1 million malware programs in existence today. It is estimated that there were over 20 million malware infections on PCs in the U.S. last year.

Even the best protected PCs cannot survive the almost daily onslaught of malware infections. The best of the anti-virus programs cannot stop all the viruses all the time. They stop most, but not all.

I will come to your home with a toolkit of dozens of programs designed to clean your PCs from this unwanted grief.

Even the most severely infected PCs can be cleaned. It just takes time.

The fee for this service is $40.00 per hour, with a total fee maximum of $160.00.


Most virus scans and removals take about two hours to complete, but I have worked on PCs that are so severely infected that it took over four hours to get the PC completely virus free.


Scoreboard of record number of virus on PCs and the time it took to clean them



Viruses Cause Hours Comments

PC 1

1,549 No Anti-Virus Installed 8 Hijacked, Scareware, Foistware, .exe blocks

Laptop 1

612 No Anti-Virus Installed 10 Hijacked, Rootkit Trojans, Scareware, Foistware, BSOD
My PC 490 Rogue Web Site 6.5

You name it, my PC had it.  Even with A-V installed

Laptop 2 576 No Anti-Virus Installed 11

Over 200 Trojan Downloaders found along with Scareware

PC 2 43 Anti-Virus Installed 20

Viruses completely wiped out the desktop and more. *

Laptop 3 107 Anti Virus Installed 8.5

Scareware, Foistware, Root Kits, Trojans and PUPs.

Laptop 4 2,238 Anti Virus Installed 3.0

Scareware and PUPs

Laptop 5 3,117 Visits to Games sites 6.0

Scareware, Adware and PUPs

PC 3 716 Visits to Games sites 1.0


BSOD is 'Blue Screen of Death' caused by a virus crashing the winlogon.exe process.
Hijacked is 'Hijacked Browser' to a Scareware site.
.exe blocks caused by viruses preventing any legitimate programs from running.
* This system was whacked nine ways to Sunday. The following was the condition of the system:
1. The entire desktop screen was completely cleared of all icons.
2. All icons in the control panel were deleted.
3. Every single file and folder on the system had been modified to be 'Hidden.'
4. Start/Programs returned [Empty].
5. All folders in the 'Start-Up' folder for Administrator, All Users, Default User and Owner were deleted.
6. All system restore points were gone.
7. Could not even back up the Customer's data files because could not launch 'My Computer' or 'Windows Explorer.' Not even in safe mode.
8. A nuke and pave reload of this system was not an option. The Customer did not have a backup or the original installation disks for the very expensive software he purchased. Nor did he have a backup of his data. I had no choice but to rebuild the system manually.
9. Thank goodness for MalwareBytes, Super Antispyware and Hiren's Boot CD.

'Wizard of Oz' quote Copyright Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) all rights reserved.


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